Monday, May 18, 2009


Zone may refer to:

In geography:

One of five geographical zones of the earth:

The torrid zone

The north and south temperate zones

The north and south frigid zones

Hardiness zone, in gardening and other agriculture a geographically-defined zone in which a specific category of plant life is capable of growing

"The zone" (die (Ost)Zone in German), a derogatory term for the German Democratic Republic

Zone (BS), a town and comune in the Province of Brescia, Lombardy, Italy

Zone of alienation, the exclusion zone around the site of the Chernobyl disaster

Zones (permaculture), a method of planning civil/agricultural placement

Zone, in zone pricing, a geographical area in which charges are constant

Zoning, in urban planning, a system of land-use regulation

In entertainment:

In the Zone, Britney Spears' 4th album

In the Zone (DVD), released in connection with the album

In the Zone, a play by Eugene O'Neill

"In the Zone" (The Outer Limits), TV episode

In the Zone, the third part of Thomas Pynchon's novel Gravity's Rainbow

The Zone, a programming block on the Canadian television channel YTV

Zone (book), a three-act drama by Marcel Dubé

"Zone" (poem), a poem by Guillaume Apollinaire

Zones, level names in early Sonic the Hedgehog games

Zone (band), an all-female J-pop group, alternate name for the MSN Games online video game site

"The Zone", the fictional area central to the story of the Andrei Tarkovsky movie Stalker

The Zone (Enter Shikari), an album

The Zone (film), a Swedish short film from the 1970s

Zone (guitar), a Fender bass guitar model

Zone Records, a record label

The Zone (TV series), a 2007 interactive game show

In sports:

Zone defense, in basketball

"The Zone", a brand of gymnastic leotard

The Zone (Michigan), the University of Michigan women's volleyball cheering section

Zoning (Australian rules football), a method of allocating players to clubs

In technology:

DNS zone, a portion of the namespace in the Domain Name System

Fibre Channel zoning, a method for facilitating low interference and high security in computer data storage systems

Solaris Zones, one component of the Solaris Containers virtualization feature

A thermal zone, or just zone, in heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC)

Zone, a short name for DVD region code

Other uses:

Erogenous zone, an area on the body which is sexually stimulating

"The zone", or flow, a mental state attained by a person fully immersed in some activity

Zone diet, a diet that involves precise proportions by weight of protein, fat and carbohydrate

Zone system, a photographic technique for determining optimal film exposure and development

Zone (vestment), a belt worn by priests and bishops of the Eastern Orthodox Church

Zone Coopérative de l'Université Laval, a university cooperative in the province of Quebec, Canada